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Updated: 02/23/17 12:10:48 AM

People who have young children will want to use a fluoride toothpaste to help strengthen their young teeth.

Updated: 02/21/17 06:04:00 AM

Having too many teeth in your mouth is a sign that your wisdom teeth can't find room to come in.

Updated: 02/18/17 11:52:54 PM

When you have a tooth pulled, you will get a shot that will numb your gum and you won't feel any pain.

Updated: 02/17/17 01:25:19 PM

Many people never get wisdom teeth and that's almost never an issue as far as chewing or your bite.

Updated: 02/15/17 01:24:59 PM

If your dentist does not use sleep dentistry, give our office a call. Check with your dentist to get his views on when to start fluoride treatments for your children.

Updated: 02/13/17 08:48:43 PM

Porcelain veneer material is a permanent way to fix gaps in your front teeth.

Updated: 02/11/17 11:56:00 PM

Using a fluoride toothpaste is a good idea for most people and children that are not under 2 years old. Many people never get wisdom teeth and that's almost never an issue as far as chewing or your bite.

Updated: 02/10/17 10:40:51 AM

Metal fillings can be replaced with tooth colored fillings to make sure you look good when you smile.

Updated: 02/08/17 01:14:52 AM

It's understandable that people would fear the dentist if they had a bad dental experience as a child.

Updated: 02/07/17 11:36:36 PM

For those who brush and floss every day and still get cavities, think about changing your diet to be healthier.

Updated: 02/07/17 10:16:40 PM

Removable partial dentures are also known as dental bridges and can be fitted if you don't want dental implants. Dental bonding can be made to look just like the more expensive porcelain veneers, so spending the extra money on veneers is not usually necessary.

Updated: 02/07/17 09:09:10 PM

You may not realize that dry mouth is a problem that can cause tooth decay in your mouth.

Updated: 02/07/17 08:02:56 PM

For people who do public speaking or are in beauty pageants we can do porcelain veneers rather than dental bonding.

Updated: 02/07/17 06:24:39 PM

People who have been in an accident that has broken off a tooth should get to the dentist as soon as possible. As people age they tend to avoid the dentist because they feel they are past the time when they can get cavities.

Updated: 02/07/17 04:36:29 PM

When you have severe pain a few days after having a tooth removed, you should call the dentist immediately. A root canal is a preventive treatment to avoid future problems with infection of the root.

Updated: 02/07/17 03:14:27 PM

The better your diet and the more fruits and vegetables you include in your diet, the better your teeth should be.

Updated: 02/07/17 02:00:56 PM

Porcelain restorations can be used to cover metal pieces used to fuse teeth together.

Updated: 02/07/17 12:43:19 PM

If the root of your tooth is so infected that it affects the interior of the tooth and not just the root, that would be considered an abscessed tooth.

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find a cosmetic dentist
find a cosmetic dentist